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Vision optimized according to the user's way of looking.

Vision optimized according to the user's habits.

Control your visual stability.

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A new level of visual satisfaction.

Reducing distortions of the visual field.

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FreeMax is the design and production technology that allows to locally optimize any zone of the lens, getting a total control over the features at an optical and geometrical level.

FreeMax technology allows calculating and producing infinity of lens designs, unthinkable until now, upon which it’s possible to individualize a great number of solutions and built the exclusive range of highest value of Indo.


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The FreeMax technology has been developed with the aim of optically m refine the surface of the lens and endow An Excellent optical quality.

This improvement allows us to overcome the current limits of construction and design , working the surface of the lenses with maximum precision.

This technology allows carve lenses with calculated profiles with the goal of reducing the thickness like no other

is capable of. Thanks to this development , users are more satisfied with thinness and lightness of your lenses.

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The FreeMax technology is patented by

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